About Me

Hello,  My name is Roger.  I’m an electronic design technician, hot tub repair technician, and volunteer rescue squad member.  I have an AS degree in Electronic Engineering and have been awarded several patents for the design of electronic devices.  In 2005 I started Four Season Spas after shopping for my own spa.  I noticed many people buying spas online or at home improvement stores because dealerships were simply too expensive.  After becoming turned off by high prices, low quality, and pushy salespeople, I was about to purchase a spa from the internet myself.  This is when I realized the need for a local dealer that could provide technical service and sell quality products for discount prices.  As a factory authorized full service hot tub dealer, I can accommodate your service needs.  All spas are covered under full manufacture warranty, so there is no need to worry about who will service your spa in the future.

Four Season Spas is a unique full service home based dealership.  As such, my operating costs are much, much lower than traditional storefront or warehouse retailers.  Also, being a part time business means that I do not rely on price markup as my sole source of income.  I commonly sell for less profit then many dealers could even consider.  Most dealers make thousands from every spa they sell.  If they did not have huge markups on their products, they could not stay in business.  This is why other dealers simply cannot compete with my prices.  Please see below for more information on this.

I have a tremendous amount of pride in this business, and my dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled.  I’m a people person who genuinely likes to help and make other people happy. This is one of the reasons why I joined a local volunteer emergency rescue organization.  I also rely on my satisfied customers to spread the word and bring in new customers.   In fact, most of my business is by referrals from other happy customers.

With extensive training and experience in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems, I consider myself a professional.  While many other spa dealers are also professionals, their training  is mostly focused on marketing and sales.

You can’t see a fancy showroom from your hot tub, so why pay for one?

Consider this, A regular spa dealer might sell at most 150 spas per year.  If they are paying 2 salesmen $500/week, and paying 500/week for rent, insurance, electric, and advertising, then their yearly operating costs are $78,000 ($1,500 salesman and overhead X 52 weeks per year).  That equals a built in expense of $520 for every spa sold before any profit is even added ($78,000 / 150 spas).  Now obviously there are other factors such as income form pool or chemical sales that will help pay a dealership’s costs.  I used very conservative numbers for expenses and number of spas sold per year to negate these other factors.  It is common industry knowledge that typical spa dealerships must sell about 75 spas per year before they even begin to turn a profit after paying overhead.  In comparison, Four Season Spas has almost no overhead.  This means that more of your money goes towards your spa, not towards your dealer’s fancy showroom.