My wife and I decided to purchase a hot tub this past spring.  We have three teenage children and were looking for a tub large enough for all of us.  We did online searches and visited various dealers and were suffering from ‘sticker shock’ and were about to give up but I came across Four Season Spas while driving through Rehoboth and decided to make one last inquiry.  I am so glad that I did!

I met with Roger and could tell right away that this was an honest person selling a great product at a fair price.  I went home to share this new discovery with my wife.  We were back on track and ordered a Nordic Escape from Roger that seats 6 people.  The tub showed up ahead of schedule and the installation was flawless.  We use the tub every single night – rain, sleet, snow, moonlight, starlight or city light.  We love it.  It is a family focal point that allows us to relax and share time together.

Learning to manage the water chemistry takes a little practice but with help from Roger it was simpler than I thought.  The hot tub has performed flawlessly and Roger is always a phone call away to answer any questions.  One of the very convenient things about Four Seasons Spas is the self serve chemical hut.  I ran out of chlorine on Christmas Day – no problem, drove over to Four Seasons Spas, got my chemicals and left a check in the deposit box.  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas evening outdoors under the stars.

Roger, I just want to thank you and let you know that we are very satisfied customers.

Steve and Nancy C.,  Attleboro, MA


Roger,  The Nordic hot tub is one of the best investments that we have ever made. We use it 3 or 4 times a week year round! It’s simple to keep clean as long as we follow your recommendations, and in the summer we drop the temp and use it like a pool. The kids LOVE it! As does my back! Thank you for all of your help over the past year.

Tony & Tricia Marraffa Mattapoisett


I purchased my Escape Premium Recliner tub from Roger, and must say the experience from start to finish was world class service.  Roger’s expertise in hot tubs is excellent, and is an easy shopping environment.  Roger’s hot tub pricing is extremely well priced for our market, and his electrician “Chis” was terrific!  Overall, I’m a very satisfied consumer who is glad to do business with local people representing the brand Nordic.  Roger even answers his phone on Sundays and has a self service chemical pick up available.

Ted L.


Roger is the lieutenant on Rehoboth Rescue, an all volunteer organization serving the townspeople of  Rehoboth.  Roger, a rather quiet and modest guy, has one of only four officer’s positions on the squad.  Even with a young family and work, he is generous with his time for us.

Roger decided to help Rescue with its budget woes.  He offered one of his hot tub spas to us to raffle of as a fundraiser.  Rescue will sell 250 tickets at $20/ticket.  Roger did all the work.  He designed the promotional literature, printed tickets, and supplied delivery and setup to the winning ticket holder.  You can imagine the hype generated by his generous offer to the Rescue volunteers.  Most of us want it for ourselves.  The drawing will be on December 16 at our Christmas meeting.  Just today Rescue sold 24 tickets at Rehoboth’s Block Party.  He brought in the exact tub for display at the Block Party.  He goes that extra mile for his customers.  He does good deeds without fanfare.
Rehoboth Rescue thanks you very much.

Bud Fagundes, Assistant Chief of Rescue


Roger, Thanks so much for fixing our pump!  From my first phone call, you where so helpful and kind.  I knew right then it would be great doing business with you!  Again, we really appreciate your services!

Dave & Jody K.


Roger, Great job fixing my hot tub and pool.  You saved me some serious $.  I will be sure to recommend you to all of my clients, family, & friends!  All the best

Shane H. Seekonk, MA


I had joined a gym for the spa benefits. I didn’t consider buying one because of our house location. We’re on a bluff in Riverside RI. But in looking on line and wanting one for my own I came across Four Seasons Spas. I went to the web site an saw the prices and how close Roger is to RI. We went and looked at the Spas and because of the prices we were able to pick a better model. But the condition was Roger had to look at the property first to see how he can get it under the deck on the water side. Roger is a very friendly person and was happy to check our place out. Roger convinced us of how it could be done. In June of 2007 the spa was in place. It is fantastic being in the spa and looking over the Providence River with the sunsets. I’m in it 4 to 6 times a week, my partner goes in 1 or 2 times a week. We’ve had friends over to enjoy the experience and change there minds about owning a spa. The maintenance is very easy and the chemicals last a long time.

Michael D. Riverside, RI


Roger was different than the other guys I talked to about hot tubs. He seemed to care about what I wanted more than what he had. He asked allot of questions about what type of tub I wanted and what size. Ultimately, as I shopped around, I realized he had the best price too. So I bought my tub. Later that week, it was delivered to the house and placed on my deck by Roger. That was so much better than buying at a big box store with the small print saying “Delivery is to curbside only.” Watch out for delivery terms if you do go to a big retailer. Anyway, I’ve had my tub for a couple of months and Roger has always been available to answer questions via email or phone!

Matt Walton


I researched my spa purchase for a number of weeks before realizing that Roger’s selection and prices were the best around. He is responsible, honest, courteous and very helpful. The spa itself has been a real pleasure as the whole family enjoys the relaxing hot soaks. We’ve been pleased with the Nature 2 cleaning system and would recommend this as an alternative to bromide and chlorine.
David Schwartz, M.D.


I spent months looking for information on Hot Tubs and Spas. My wife and I visited Roger and was very impressed with his knowledge of the product he sells and his not in your face sales approach. Roger informed us that he would be there to help if we needed anything after the hot tub arrived. He was true to his word and actually delivered, put the hot tub in the shed and made sure it was operational and did not leave until it was. We are very pleased with our purchase and continued service.

Randy McDougall


When I met Roger he said that I would not find lower prices anywhere. Of course I had to see for myself, so I drove all over the state looking at different brands. Not only where Roger’s prices cheaper then everyone else, they where much cheaper. I figured that there had to be some kind of “catch” because of the large price deference. Roger went through all of the details of the Omni that I was looking at until I was sure there was no “catch”. I am 100 percent satisfied with my purchase and would recommend Four Season Spas to everyone.
John M.


When I started looking at hot tubs I quickly became discouraged because of the high prices. I was just not able to find what I wanted for a reasonable price, and I did not want to settle for a cheep tub. I was getting ready to buy a used hot tub when a friend told me about Four Season. I met with Roger and he helped me find a hot tub with the features I wanted at a very reasonable price. I did not need to compromise on the features I wanted in order to get an affordable hot tub.



When I met Roger, I learned that he once sat in the cockpit of a 747, and I was really impressed!  I also learned that his business had a huge advantage over other dealers, which allowed him to have lower prices.  I was surprised with the range of spas that he had available.  I was able to purchase a better quality spa, with more features then I would have been able to afford anywhere else.  I also felt that Roger was very knowledgeable and professional.  He did not have the “used car salesman” mentality that I have seen so often while shopping around.

Highly recommended,



My wife and I shopped around a few places before going to Rogers, which was actually closer than other places. He was very friendly and very helpful and not pushy. He offered any info and answered any and all questions.  When the spa was delivered, the installation was pretty incredible. We have a very high deck and with a little help, the spa was up and running in a couple hours. It was really great, and the price never changed from his original quote, which happened to be the best offer we could find. He got everything going and even called about a week or so later to see if everything was going good, which it was!  Thanks again Roger.

Sam and Sue Beetler